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What distinguishes the Azores from other regions of the world?
How can I get to the Azores?
How can I get around the islands?


Are there any choice options for luxury hotels?
What is a hotel?
How can we get to the Hotels?
Are the Hotels concentrated in the cities?
Do the hotels have their own parking?
Do all hotels have sea view?
Do you accept pets in the accommodation?
Are hotels prepared to accommodate guests with reduced mobility?
What is a boutique hotel?
What is a Villa?
What is the difference between Villa and Boutique?
What is a Luxury Resort
What distinguishes a 5 star hotel from what it contains 4 stars?


What kind of food is typical in the region?
Where can I sample regional dishes?
What kind of culture prevails in the archipelago?
How and where can I see the typical dances of the region?
Where can I see regional crafts?


How is the climate of the region?
What is a Spa?
What is a Thermal?
What is the difference between spas and spas?


Are the gardens freely accessible?
What nature can I find in these spaces?