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What distinguishes the Azores from other regions of the world?
The Azores are not the only volcanic islands on our planet. But this region stands out for its cultural and landscape richness.
There is a balance between regional products, monuments and pure nature. They are islands where people are welcoming people who will provide you with a spectacular holiday.

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How can I get to the Azores?

The Azores are linked to many parts of the world.

Do not worry that SATA will provide you with air travel from America, Europe and Portugal to us.

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How can I get around the islands?

You will be able to know our magnificent islands in different ways.

Do not worry about the displacement, you can venture on the boats that cross the islands, or take a plane.


Are there any choice options for luxury hotels?

The Azores have everything at your disposal.

Although we are a region that expresses itself through simple things and rural, we provide you with a stay with well-being and a lot of luxury to blend.

Our islands have luxury hotels for all tastes.

What is a hotel?

A hotel is an establishment that aims to provide you with a comfortable, luxurious stay, and good services. Most hotels offer food and event services to satisfy you. There are hotels that offer a stay that is characterized mainly by luxury, others by the simplest comfort. The hotel should always include good services of leisure, relaxation, fun and of course the part of the restoration.

The areas that are normally common to all guests are, for example, the gyms, the swimming pools, and the restaurant.

The hotels are classified according to the amenities and services provided.

How can we get to the Hotels?

Hotels do not offer transportation from the airport to the hotel. You should use a taxi, bus, or rental car. You should know your location to get the necessary information. Our medium is small, you will not have a hard time finding your destination.

Are the Hotels concentrated in the cities?

Most hotels are located in cities. Our cities are not metropolitan areas, quite the contrary. They are rural, very quiet and very safe. They are cities with many gardens and groves. There are some located in areas outside the centers, in more natural areas providing a closer relationship with pure nature. Our islands are small in size so you will have no problem staying in either a rural area or in the city.

Do the hotels have their own parking?

The hotels have parking, there are those that offer you free parking, others you will have to pay per day.

Do all hotels have sea view?

Not all of our hotels overlook the ocean. There are some that are in the center of the islands, surrounded by nature. Only those who are next to the coast offer you sea views every day.

Do you accept pets in the accommodation?

Most hotels do not accept the presence of animals inside your establishment. There are a few who escape the rule and provide you with the company of your companion on your vacation.

Are hotels prepared to accommodate guests with reduced mobility?

Our establishments do not exclude people with reduced mobility, they have all the conditions required to have your spectacular vacation in our paradise.

What is a boutique hotel?

A boutique hotel is an establishment that emphasizes art, has a unique individuality and a different architectural design. It is characterized by creativity and thematic. That is, the services offered to guests and the decoration have a harmony. This type of establishment is smaller in size than a hotel but provides you with a variety of quality, wellness and luxury services.

What is a Villa?

It is a house characterized by simplicity and comfort. It is a space directed to enjoy nature and relax. This establishment has all the basic facilities to have the right conditions for a comfortable stay. Usually a Villa is a building that before being destined for accommodation, in previous centuries had other functions. Today it is intended to welcome you and your family, and offers you the ambience of a cozy home.

What is the difference between Villa and Boutique?

The main distinction is in the type of accommodation. The Villa is intended for families, it is a family stay especially and you want to enjoy the simple things, having the right conditions for comfort. The boutique hotel comprises several families, there is the sharing of common areas and offers you exceptional services as if it were a hotel.

What is a Luxury Resort

A Luxury Resort is at a higher level than hotels. These establishments offer you high quality services and covers everything you can imagine to live the great. From spas, beauty salons, gyms, tennis courts, golf, swimming pools, etc. The rooms are large and contemporary, with modern bathrooms, Jacuzzis, high-quality televisions. Your stay is characterized by grandeur and luxury.

What distinguishes a 5 star hotel from what it contains 4 stars?

Is a star establishment very bad, and what has 5 stars is very good? It depends. First of all, you must know that stars signify all the service provided.

A 5 star Hotel does not make much difference to a 4 star hotel. The detail can be in detail that neither jeopardizes your comfort and quality of stay. The 5-star establishment is one that provides excellent service. The dimensions of the areas may be larger than the 4-star hotel, as well as includes in catering catering for special diets, beds have mattresses that offer you superior comfort to the 4-star hotel. It is these details that differentiate these evaluations. All stars provide you with enough conditions to have a reasonable stay, the stars increase according to the quality and diversification of services.


What kind of food is typical in the region?

Our gastronomy comes from what nature has to offer. Our tables are abundant in fresh and quality products. Our cuisine is very similar to Mediterranean dishes with an Azorean touch. It reigns the vegetables, the fruit, the fresh fish and the meat of quality, accompanied by a good wine.

Where can I sample regional dishes?

The regional dishes are represented in the catering on all the islands. It should be noted that the gastronomy may vary from island to island. Each city can have its typical dish, just inquire at the restaurant what they have to offer as a regional dish.

What kind of culture prevails in the archipelago?

The tradition of our region is influenced by the religion and festivities that comes from this field.

Our culture comes from economic activities in the field of land and sea that were practiced in the past. In addition, it is represented by the folk groups that make up the costumes, the dances and the typical songs of each zone.

How and where can I see the typical dances of the region?

The popular Azorean dances that stand out by the instruments of strings, the voice and the joy, are danced in the festivities. However there are Hotels that have a program where the groups present the typical dances and still invite you to try.

Where can I see regional crafts?

Throughout our cities there are shops that sell handicrafts. It is preferable to visit some museums. So you know the origin of the products, how they are built and their purpose.


How is the climate of the region?

The climate of our islands is temperate maritime. Rain is a constant presence throughout the year, but in the summer they tend to decrease. We have days of intense heat, like foggy days. Or all in one day. Temperatures peaked in July and August.

And the temperature of the ocean increases in summer reaching 22ºC

Spas and Hot Springs

What is a Spa?

A spa is a space that is associated with wellness treatments. Almost all luxury hotels have this kind of services. It contemplates the alternative therapies, as the case of acupuncture, hydrotherapy, relaxation massages, reiki, among others. The spa provides you unforgettable moments of tranquility and encounter with yourself.

What is a Thermal?

A hot spring is a place where there are warm natural waters rich in minerals. The hot springs can be pools of hot water which provides you with a quality relaxation. In the baths the services provided are mainly the baths.

What is the difference between spas and spas?

A Spa is usually more reserved, and offers you a range of services. The spas are open places. The Azores stand out for its natural hot springs, iron-rich and warm waters. These waters have temperatures reaching 40ºC in the open air, and temperatures are associated with volcanic phenomena. The spas are great for relaxing and socializing outdoors.


Are the gardens freely accessible?

Most of the gardens are open access, others have to make an entrance fee.

What nature can I find in these spaces?

The Azorean gardens are rich in botanical species. There are numerous plants as well as centennial trees, flowers, shrubs that contribute their colors and shapes to the pleasant and pleasurable landscape of attending every day.